Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fish Barge

The Friday Harbor Seafood Company located down on the main dock, is now taking vacuum pack orders.  The fish barges closes for the winter months, so make sure you get down there and place an order, so you can have fresh fish all through the winter!

What's available right now:

Petrale sole, dover sole, ling cod, rock cod, halibut, scallops, tuna, king salmon, steelhead, halibut cheeks, smoked salmon, smoked scallops, clams, mussels, prawns, shrimp, oysters and live or cooked crab.

They also have aged meats, seaweed salads and I'm sure much more stuff that I missed!

I always buy my fish from these guys, because they move hundreds if not thousands of pounds of product every week, so you can be sure that the fish is fresh...

Happy Cooking!

Bon Appetit!  Chef Hobbes

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  1. Yes, they have very fresh fish. We've been customers of theirs since at least 2003 and never once been disappointed.