Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Alright then, here we go, my first blog.  I'm sick of seeing Obesity in Kids and Adults, It's sad.  There's something wrong here, our Doctors and Nurses are overweight, even our Teachers are overweight, because of processed food.  Wake Up San Juan Islands!  It's time to get back in the kitchen and start cooking again.  We all wanted that fancy car and the big house, and I think there lies the problem, there's nobody cooking real food anymore, because we're all out at work trying to make ends meet, maybe this is what 2012 is all about!

The collapse of America's Diet!  There's no family time either, Hannah is up at 6:00 in the morning practicing basketball, and then she's off to school, so that means no food until lunch time, who's bright idea was that?  And then we have soccer practice until 7:00 at night and games on the weekends, so who has the time to cook??

For crying out loud, I went to a soccor game last week to watch Sammantha play, and guess what they had for snacks, how about three trays of cup cakes!  I even saw the coach, a Doctor, having a pastry on the field, and it gets worse, three Moms watching the game were eating cup o' noodles!!  Bloody Hell. . .

Well, I'm pissed off!  And I want to help.  If you don't know how to cook and want to learn, call me, I'll teach you.  Watch my videos, and if that doesn't help, call me or email me and I'll teach you at your home.  Organic produce and eggs are expensive.  If I have enough and you can't afford them, I'll give them to you.  My passion is to save you and your children from getting diabetes and heart disease.  If you haven't got it already, I'm a big Jamie Oliver fan.  I love his shows, he's really hitting a nerve, and he has inspired me to make San Juan Island a showcase for America.  We can do it as a community, we can save our children, and maybe there will come a time when we don't see as many fliers on the post office doors of people who have died early.  WATCH FOR ME, I'll be around town cooking food and handing it out for free, showing you how easy it is to cook healthy foods.

Cooking videos coming soon!  Bon Appetite!

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