Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Word On Bread...

We all love a nice, fresh, crusty loaf or baguette, but be aware who you're buying it from, and what's in it!

Most commercial breads, hotdog and hamburger buns, doughnuts and pastries contain a conditioning agent called bromine, yep, the same stuff that's in hot tubs and swimming pools, basically it's non-chlorine bleach.  Large scale bakers use it so they get the perfect product every time.  Be careful, it's a killer!

You have to remember, bread is made from flour, water, yeast, salt and sometimes sugar or honey.  If you look at what's in a loaf of packaged bread or a hamburger bun, you'll see a list of about 30-50 ingredients, some of which is not food!

Also, because of our advanced technology, we're now able to grind our flour super fine.  The problem with this is, the pancreas turns it into sugar, not good!

A while ago I went to talk with Mark Shepard at Bakery San Juan and he showed me some of his bags of flour, which are bromine free.  He also told me that he proofs his dough anywhere from 8-16 hours.  That means that the bread is in a fermented state, which the body can digest easier...

Sprouted grain bread is not bad for you at all, because the grains have been sprouted and were in a fermented state!

Beware, bread, flour, sugar and bad fats are primary causes of cancer, diabetes and heart disease!

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