Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Leeks with Feta Cheese and a Balsamic Drizzle

This is a killer Fall lunch treat.

First set your oven to 350 degrees. Trim and clean your leeks -- with a knife take off the roots and the green tops, then lengthwise with your knife cut the leeks in half about 1" from the root end, which means you will have a leek that is cut in half but still attached! Holding the leek with root end or white end up, wash leek under running water so the dirt runs away from the attached end, then dry.

Place leeks in a roasting dish and drizzle with olive oil, then salt and pepper. Place in the oven and cook for about half an hour, turn if needed, you don't want too much color, just a little.

When done, place leeks on a plate and crumble room temperature feta cheese on top, then drizzle with Balsamic drizzle and serve...

To make Balsamic reduction/drizzle: In a pan bring one bottle of balsamic vinegar to a boil, then simmer until reduced by about two-thirds of the volume. When the vinegar starts to stick to the spoon, turn off the heat and add a big tablespoon of honey and stir. You may not get this right the first time, but when you do, well baby, this is liquid gold! You Will Have To Hide It!!!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Tihs looks delicious. We bought leeks at the Farmers Market today to make Potage Parmentier ala Julia, but I might have to second guess that now! I am a SJIslander too and I have a blog called Mental Chew. Stop by and say HI if you have a chance. I will be following your blog for dinner ideas!

  2. Sorry to double comment, but I thought you might be interested in this post: