Monday, January 23, 2012

Papas Bravas!

Papas Bravas.  Loosely translated, papas bravas means "spicy potatoes."  In this dish the potatoes are a bit like french fries, and the hot, sweet, garlicky and sticky tomato sauce that comes with them is the bravas part.

This is a Cindy Pawlcyn recipe from her book "Big Small Plates."  I did change it a little bit!  Cindy is the owner of Mustard's Grill in Napa, California, which is my favorite restaurant of all time!  Cindy has truly been a huge inspiration for me and many Chefs. . .

Recipe for six:

Brava sauce:
2 T mild sweet chili powder
1 T sweet paprika
1 T smoked paprika
4 cloves garlic, peeled and finely minced
1 1/2 T sherry vinegar
Tiny pinch ground cumin
Tiny pinch cayenne
1 t sea salt
1/3 c extra virgin olive oil
1 c very ripe cherry tomatoes, chopped up

12 to 18 potatoes, peeled and halved
Olive oil, for frying
Maldon sea salt

First boil some salted water in a pan big enough to house the potatoes.  While that's happening, combine all the ingredients into a blender and puree.  Then transfer to a small covered saucepan over low heat.

When potatoes are barely cooked and still firm, drain.  Now in another saucepan add some olive oil to a depth of a 1/2" deep and heat it up on medium high!  When the oils hot add the potatoes one at a time so not to splatter and burn yourself!!   Cook until golden brown, then remove from the oil and pat with paper towels and plate with the Brava sauce...

Bon Appetit!  Chef Hobbes

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